Foot Reflex massage

Foot Reflexology massage is performed by a massaging and pressing technique on reflex points or zones in the feet where a different parts of the body are reflected. There are about 7200 nerve endings in the feet connected with the spinal chord and from there to all of the body organs.

By stimulating the reflex points and zones it is possible to influence, strengthen or alleviate parts of the body where access is difficult by a classic massage (i. e. hypophysis, gall bladder, bladder, tail-bone). Stimulating each area helps to increase the flow of energy, blood and nutrients. This treatment leaves your feet fresh and light and can be given every day.

FR massage may be beneficial in several ways:

• increases metabolism
• alleviates back and spine pain
• hastens recovery after the injury or surgery
• increases blood circulation
• enhances calms and agility
• balances the mind.

After Foot Reflexology massage the body feels more resistant, balanced and rejuvenated.

After the therapy it is advised to drink water to eliminate toxins and lactic acids that may have developed during the massage process.

This therapy is especially designed for those who prefer to keep their clothes on.