“Thank you Ivana! I have travelled a lot and tried many massages around the world (so I am “used” to them) and I have to say that I really appreciate our sessions. You are professional but you are also very attentive. Everytime I come out from your studio I feel extremely relaxed.
You also always have very good advices. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.” – Vanessa

“This is what I call the ‘Ivana effect’ and it surprises me every time. No matter how you feel when you arrive, you’ll leave incredibly loose and relaxed. Ivana is a gifted massage therapist. Be prepared for a fantastic experience and a massive production of endorphins!”

“I am a regular runner and I had just recently completed physiotherapy for a torn calf muscle. This, combined with the fact that I have suffered from lower back pain for over 20 years, drove me to look for a good massage therapist. Over the years I have been to several massage therapists and very rarely have I been happy with the end result. Ivana falls into that small group of therapists that I have been satisfied with, and the fact that I am still seeing her after 5 years is a testimony to that. She is extremely professional, friendly and flexible, responding positively to the requests and needs of the customer, adapting her techniques and strengths based on the state of the body during the session. All of these factors combined help your body into a state of ease and perfect relaxation during the session, with a perfect end result. For all of these reasons I would highly recommend Ivana as a massage therapist.”

“I am so thankful for the treatment that I’ve received from Ivana. Thanks to her, I have been able to move past some neck and shoulder troubles that were affecting my work. She is very attentive during each massage and had addressed multiple trouble areas without me ever having to tell her where. She has strong, firm hands and massages with integrity and enthusiasm. Ivana takes the time to make sure all relevant areas have been treated and pays much attention to detail. I recommend her for anyone who has any chronic problem areas or just general tension.”

“I have had back and neck problems for almost my whole life and when I moved here I was really worried about finding the right therapist. I found Ivana quite soon, after a couple of attempts, while she was working for someone else. Not only I was surprised with her strength but also the fact that she is well aware that body pain and tension are something else than just a physical issue. Ivana is continuously trying to improve and develop her skills one step further. She is very enthusiastic about her job and besides being a good professional she is a nice and friendly person to have a chat with, she tries to make you feel at home when you go for a treatment.”

“I went to see Ivana for months until I moved out of The Hague. She is excellent, with a lot of expertize. The place is neat and the atmosphere relaxed and non-pretentious. She is open to any combination of massage in order to solve your problems. I had problems with my back, due to my sedentary lifestyle, and Ivana did an excellent job in releasing the tension. I hope I’ll be back.”

“Ivana is just what you need to take good care of yourself and to keep a good and healthy balance in your everyday life !You can trust her continuous and growing expertise and training but also her very adequate sensitivity and receptivity.A regular session with Ivana is a peaceful and healthy heaven for your body and for your soul.”

“Professional, detail oriented (essential oils of your preference, heated massage table…) and caring. Ivana will customise the treatment depending on your needs.” – Lachy